Our Approach

Serianu ADRC Security Approach

Without an appropriate security management approach, the target state of the information security program will be unclear and this could lead to significant problems. Serianu has developed a security management approach (ADRC) that enables our clients to implement effective information security programs. This approach enables any security-conscious organisation to:

  1. Understand their exposure to current and emerging threats from a global view, covering integrity, availability and confidentiality of information assets;
  2. Manage Information security proactively, by being constantly aware of an evolving global threat landscape; and
  3. Continuously implement trigger-based (e.g. internal and external changes) improvement of Information security


Anticipate-Detect-Respond-Contain Explored

ADRC stands for Anticipate, Detect, Respond and Contain. The Serianu ADRC Approach draws from a variety of Security and Information Technology models, standards and best practices including: ISO 27001, PCI DSS, COBIT and ITIL. The ADRC approach provides a clear, unambiguous articulation of how an organisation could implement detective and preventive measures to ensure appropriate levels of securing information assets. The approach acts as a focal point for the discussion around information security such as what roles and responsibilities must be assigned to individuals, which control activities should be in place and what methodologies and tools can be used to support these aims.

Anticipate Threats
Serianu follows a collaborative intelligence based modus operandi in terms of which we liaise closely with our clients in order to proactively anticipate security threats to their organisation and implement effective controls.

Detect Threats:
Serianu works closely with our clients to ensure they deploy tools and technologies that will enable them to detect insider and external threats.

Respond to Threats:
Serianu works with clients to establish processes that will enable them to adequately respond to threats.

Contain Threats:
Serianu works with clients to ensure that they are able to contain threats internally and externally ? communicating with authorities and learning from any incidents.
Information Enablement focus

We at Serianu understand that information is a critical asset and have developed services and products to assist our clients in fully enabling key stakeholders including; customers, employees and shareholders. Serianu will assist you in exploiting your information capabilities to improve effectiveness and efficiency on operations and in support areas through access to, and sharing of timely, accurate and trusted information.