Our Services

Businesses across the world are aggressively investing in information automation and increasing the visibility of their IT investments as strategic assets. Information is becoming a critical asset possessed by most businesses whose importance has often been overlooked. In fact, information is a factor that, more than anything else determines quality of decision-making, accuracy of forward planning, efficiency of product development, and ultimately the availability and effectiveness of all business capabilities. Our services are broken down into three main focus areas; technology advisory, information security risk, and information intelligence and analytics.

Technology Advisory

The technology landscape is changing so fast that most organisations are not in a position to determine whether their IT departments are prepared to take on the everyday challenges of doing business. In fact, it is becoming difficult for most organisations to look at their IT departments' preparedness for the unexpected such as when the industry undergoes a fundamental shift, or when the organisation decides to expand into new geographies, or when competitors make a breakthrough. Every organisation needs to be able to determine how their IT strategy and investments will enable key stakeholders; customers, employees, partners and shareholder. This information enablement means key stakeholders will get access to information at the right time, in the right format and in a secure manner. Here is a breakdown of services we offer to help our clients ensure the information enablement of key stakeholders.

  1. IT Strategy and Transformation advisory
  2. IT Operating Model and Efficiency advisory
  3. Emerging Technologies advisory
  4. Outsourcing and Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
  5. IT audit and assurance
Information Security and Risk

Information is a critical asset that adds value to the organisation and consequently needs to be suitably protected. Information security protects information from a wide range of threats in order to ensure business continuity, minimize business damage and maximize return on investments and business opportunities. Our information security and risk service provides consultative services that are designed to enhance the effective management of our clients? information risks on a sustained basis. We assist organisations in assessing their enterprise-wide information management risks and in developing a sustainable security and risk management program.

Our security offering is built around the ADRC approach ? which ensures an organisation is able Anticipate, Detect, Respond and Contain threats. Our Information Security service includes the following offerings:

  1. Risk and Compliance
  2. Security operations
  3. Governance and Strategy
  4. Technology Implementation Support
  5. Enterprise Threat Management
  6. Cyber Intelligence Monitoring
Information Intelligence and Analytics

Historically, Information Intelligence and Analytics has been positioned and executed as a technology initiative/project with pockets of success and limited business adoption. To ensure enterprise adoption and to maximize business benefit, Information Intelligence and Analytics needs to be extended beyond technology to address business strategies, business processes and people.

The Serianu Information Intelligence and Analytics offering enables us to transform organisations into information-enabled enterprises and to start executing the various steps on the information enablement journey. Our offerings include; Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Data Management & Performance Management

  1. Information Management
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Performance Management
  4. Customised Analytics
  5. Packaged Analytics
Information Enablement focus

We at Serianu understand that information is a critical asset and have developed services and products to assist our clients in fully enabling key stakeholders including; customers, employees and shareholders. Serianu will assist you in exploiting your information capabilities to improve effectiveness and efficiency on operations and in support areas through access to, and sharing of timely, accurate and trusted information.