We help our customers collect, protect, and analyze critical business information. Serianu specializes in providing cutting edge consulting services around new and emerging technology areas including information security, data analytics and technology advisory – network security, application security, cloud security and cyber security.

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The Serianu Managed Security Services (SMSS) provides locally focused, 24/7 comprehensive and robust security services that incorporate highly skilled security experts and industry proven processes that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.


Services offered include:




Track and receive alerts and reports on pervasive cyber threats through our threat intelligence platform. Services include:

  1. 1. Web Log Monitoring
  2. 2. Anti-Virus Monitoring
  3. 3. Abuse Box Monitoring




Majority of breaches in Africa can be attributed to Insider. Swift response to incidents is therefore critical for recoverability. Our in-house CIRT team is fully equipped for:

  1. 1. Incident investigation.
  2. 2. Pre-Incident Assessment.
  3. 3. Capability Testing.




Our security Risk Consulting offering is built around the ADRC approach which ensures an organisation is able Anticipate, Detect, Respond and Contain threats. Our service offering includes the following:

  1. 1. Audit & Assurance
  2. 2. Technical Assessment
  3. 3. Program Assessment
  4. 4. Technology Implementation
  5. 5. Remediation



Africa has Fewer than 10,000 Certified and practicing professional.Our security training is an essential element in the equipping individuals and organisations with skills to Anticipate, Detect, Respond and Contain Cyber threat. Trainings include:

  1. 1. Technical Training.
  2. 2. Cybersecurity training courses for Security, Risk, Compliance team
  3. 3. Cybersecurity training courses for Operations team (Finance, Procurement, HR and Administration)
  4. 4. Seminar for Board Members and Senior Executives
  5. 5. General User Awareness Training for all staff