CYBERSECURITY: Measuring the Performance and Effectiveness of Critical Cybersecurity Controls


While many senior managers and board members are aware of the potential cyber threats and the risks they cause to their vital business information. Many businesses are struggling to clearly and simply present the state of an organisations cyber security posture and improvements made over time.

The Workshop

Serianu Limited, a Pan African based cybersecurity and business consulting firm is pleased to invite you to a 5 day training workshop that will enable participants to answer critical questions including: Are we spending an appropriate amount on securing our business and infrastructure? Is the investment going to the more critical areas of risk, and is it having the desired effect? Perhaps most critically, we lack a clear approach and methodology to answer the deceptively difficult question “How secure are we?”

Target Audience
  • IT and Information security professionals
  • Risk management and Audit officers
  • Legal and Compliance Officers
  • Finance and Strategy managers
Details of the Event
Date: 11th June 2018 - 15th June 2018 (5 days)
Venue: Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa, Mombasa
Cost: The cost of the workshop will be USD 550 (excluding VAT) per person. This covers the cost of seminar materials, refreshments and lunch. Confirmation is upon payment.


Consecutive Events

Date Location
18th to 22nd June 2018 (5 Days) Kampala, Uganda
2nd July 2018 to 6th July 2018 (5 Days) Arusha, Tanzania
13th August 2018 to 17th August (5 Days) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
27th August 2018 to 31st August 2018 (5 Days) Lagos, Nigeria
3rd September 2018 to 7th September 2018 (5 Days) Accra, Ghana

Day 1: Cyber security Trends

Day 2: Cyber security Benchmarking and Maturity Assessment

Day 3: Visibility and Resilience monitoring

Day 4: Reporting Cyber Risk to the Exco and Board

Day 5: Class Wrap up and Networking

Objectives of session
  • Introduce the inherent risk profiling methodology and approach
  • Introduce the top critical cyber security controls and metrics measurement approach
  • Discuss testing the Effectiveness of Critical Cyber Resilience and Visibility Controls
  • Discuss how metrics can be used to facilitate decision making and improve performance and accountability.
  • Discuss how to develop metrics that are quantifiable, observable, and objective data supporting metrics.
  • Discuss how organisations can use metrics to apply corrective actions and improve performance.
  • Discuss how metrics can be packaged and delivered to different stakeholders - senior management and board members


Key topic areas
  1. Introduction to Cyber Security metrics and Performance Measurement approach
  2. Key performance and effectiveness metrics
  3. Developing and Implementing monitoring use cases and scenarios
  4. Breach scenario analysis
  5. Scenario testing and validation
  6. Cyber security visibility statements

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