The Cyber Visibility and Exposure Framework (CVEQ™) is an innovative risk quantification approach that enables organisations to measure and quantify their cyber security risk.

The Framework concepts are based on the globally accepted Credit Scoring Methodology - where a statistical analysis is performed by lenders and financial institutions to access an entity’s credit risk based on four key elements: Risk, Controls, Visibility and Exposure.

The Cyber Visibility Statements are an effective way to continuously measure your cyber security posture across a range of key security performance indicators. Measuring control effectiveness is a key element in any cyber security risk management process.

Cybersecurity Concerns for CFOs, CEOs & Board Members

  • 1. Why am I investing in security infrastructure and what’s the ROI?
  • 2. How do I know that we’ve actually lowered our Cyber risk exposure?
  • 3. As my business undergoes digital transformation, how can I get the quickest view of the impact on my overall corporate risk?

Top Concerns for CIOs, CISOs and CROs

  • 1. Is the investment provided thus far going to the more critical areas of risk, and is it having the desired effect?
  • 2. How do we get a clear approach to answer the deceptively difficult question “How secure are we?”
  • 3. My organisation has a fragmented view of its security posture. How do I gain control and full visibility?
  • 4. How can we effectively communicate our progress to the board, regulators and other stakeholders?

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