Website and Social Media Monitoring

The Serianu Web Defacement Monitoring service enables our customers to proactively identify any unauthorized change to their publicly facing website. We continuously compare the baseline content to your live site every hour, every day-and immediately alerts the website if a mismatch occurs. With such rapid notification, the website owner can address the problem before the customers notice.

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Our services include monitoring changes in content on a publicly accessible website. Monitoring will not require the installation of an agent. The service will also include an on-event email and SMS alert and notification for incidences and a summarized monthly report for detected changes.

The webpage is analyzed and baselined for its contents including the HTML title, number of links, images, scripts, style sheets, etc. Subsequent checks are compared with the baseline to determine if the webpage has been modified

Hashing and verification process for various components of the webpage to determine if the webpage has been modified

Webpage is rendered into an image and baselined. Subsequent endering of the same webpage is then compared with the baseline for deviation.

Agentless monitoring of any publicly accessible website/webpage URL that is hosted anywhere Intelligent Baselining: capture the initial baseline of your website and automatically poll your URL multiple times to analyze the HTML content and to identify the static and dynamic parts of the URL

Alerts and Notifications on web based customer portal, email or sms on detection of changes with information on the changes detected for easy troubleshooting and investigation

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