Database Activity Monitoring

Serianu’s Database Activity Monitoring enables real-time tracking of user actions and changes made to databases to ensure increased visibility into activity across multiple data silos. Serianu’s DAM Platform is able to audit not only database user activity but also application users when applications (such as SAP, Salesforce, Siebel, Workday or others) are connected to the database with a single database user. The comprehensive interface and flexible rules make it easy to define monitoring policies for separate database objects.

Supported Databases: Oracle, SQL, MySQL, MsSQL, Postgress

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With Serianu’s Database Activity Monitoring capabilities, organizations can:

  • Maximizes visibility and protection from all sources of attacks
  • Monitors external threats, privileged insiders, and sophisticated threats from within the database
  • Minimizes risk and liability by detecting attacks before they cause damage
  • Saves time and money with faster deployment and a more efficient architecture
  • Quickly build a custom security policy to meet industry regulations or internal IT governance standards
  • Log access to sensitive data for audit purposes, including complete transaction details
  • Terminate sessions violating policies and quarantine suspicious users, preventing data from being compromised
  • Maintain separation of duties as required by many regulations