Remediation and Implementation

Remediation is a daunting task when your team lacks the resources or expertise to implement and fix the reported gaps. Our remediation and implementation service provides on-demand, seasoned security experts to prioritize, implement, and execute the cyber security remediation plan.

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Remediation Support

For groups looking for expert assistance in remediating audit gaps, Serianu’s remediation and implementation services provide assistance in achieving business requirements with compliance goals. This service covers security technology implementation, policy design, and configuration review.

Project Management and Quality Assurance

Serianu works with project delivery teams to derive maximum value and quality from projects. We assess the quality of products and solutions before go-live and deliver projects at the right time ensuring:

  1. Improved product development life cycle and accuracy.
  2. Develop non-ambiguous requirements with pinpoint accuracy
  3. Improve service delivery and quality.
  4. Provide project visibility for all stakeholders.

Procurement Support

Support services from Serianu are designed to help keep organisations procurement teams:

  1. Define clear business requirements
  2. Design Proposals that capture the business requirements
  3. Review vendor capabilities to meet business requirements
  4. Monitor vendor’s performance in meeting the predetermined business needs


We group process and control gaps into remediation projects based on the types and nature of mitigating controls (e.g. policies, standards, procedures, training and awareness and technical controls implementation). By collaborating with business and IT functions, we prioritize gaps that pose greatest risks and design a remediation roadmap.

Serianu's remediation Process Benefits

  1. Fix previously identified audit gaps
  2. Apply critical patches to systems within the organisation
  3. Design, develop and maintain policies and strategies
  4. Deploy tools and policies for threat detection and prevention
  5. Achieve compliance with regulations and industry standards

Case Studies

  1. Automated vulnerability management with Nessus
  2. Detecting and remediating Wannacry
  3. Opensource software. Dos and Donts